Re:Imagining Faith, Episode ThreeListen now (26 min) | How We Got Here: Using Jesus as a Means to an End

February 2023

Reimagining Faith, Episode TwoListen now | Lent: The Temptation of Jesus
Reimagine Faith, Episode OneListen now (15 min) | Reflections on Ash Wednesday

January 2023

A private space for us to converse and connect
Why Plucking Verses Out of Context is a Terrible Idea

November 2022

Did Jesus Appear *TO* Paul?
A Brief Sketch

September 2022

Hi friends! I’m wrapping up the writing of my very first book this week. It’s called “Bible Stories for Grown Ups: Reading Scripture with New Eyes,” and…

August 2022

The Answer Depends of What You Think the Bible Actually Is

July 2022

(If you didn't know, I'm writing a book!)

February 2022

(and I need your help choosing a subtitle!)

December 2021

The Incarnation: A Celebration of Human Possibility.