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I concur with David wholeheartedly.

Where the Bible has been used to judge, condemn, harm & exclude, I am hopeful we can come to this place of inspiration & experience, redemption & peace, hope & inclusion as we approach the Bible again with open & loving hearts. Thank you, Josh, for you devotion & passion for this work.

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Pastor, this is so incredibly helpful and your insight is anything but a "ramble." I wish that there had always been wise, reasonable voices in my life who had gifted me with the permission to give proper place and context to the parts of the Bible that are stumbling blocks that prevent us from "moving forward to try and create a more just and generous world where human flourishing is possible for everybody." With that vision as our goal, I find so much more hope in the book's pages. I find myself a little more set free with with every message. Thank you for the gift of liberation.

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Thank you, David! I’m so grateful to be helpful!

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