Truly would’ve never guessed that the letters from Paul were written before the gospels (and I went to a Christian high school and college) 😅

Why are we not taught these things??

1) As a side note, since we are discussing Paul, has anyone else had a hard time...liking him? I read through the NT rather frequently growing up, and have always found his writing a little... arrogant. For example, he seems to “humble-brag” a lot (passages where he says “now I’m not one to brag, but if I WERE to brag, I’d had every reason to, because I’ve accomplished a,b,c etc..). Not extremely relevant, but it’s always kind of tainted his portion of the NT for me😅

2) Do you think Paul believed in the divinity of Christ? Or more leaning into the “Universal Christ” as Richard Rohr suggests?

3) I love that you pointed out some of the book attributed to Paul were not actually written by him. That is fascinating, and really makes more sense of the fact that the ideas in some of these books contradict eachother.

Enjoying these post immensely! Thank you for taking the time to write them!

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It is truly amazing how adept human beings are at taking things out of context!

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