Mar 13 • 26M

Re:Imagining Faith, Episode Three

How We Got Here: Using Jesus as a Means to an End

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Josh Scott
Writer and Pastor Josh Scott hosts a conversation about reimagining, reframing, and reclaiming Christian faith through a Progressive lens.
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Have you ever wondered “How did we get here?" Here being the state of things in the US and, not coincidentally, large swaths of Christianity in the US? I’ve been reflecting on this quite a bit, and I think it’s, in part, because so many Christians have been taught to see Jesus as a means to an end. We’ve been so focused on how Jesus gets us to our desired afterlife destination that we’ve ignored his life—his teaching, his ethic, his way. I’m talking about it in this episode of Re:Imagining Faith. If you find it interesting or helpful, please share!


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