Re:Imagining Faith
Re:Imagining Faith
Re:Imagine Faith: Let's Get Biblical, Part One

Re:Imagine Faith: Let's Get Biblical, Part One

The Bible Isn't a Book

Hello friends!

This week I’m starting a new series, called “Let’s Get Biblical,” exploring what the Bible is (and isn't), and how we can engage it thoughtfully and meaningfully. In part one I’m focusing on an idea that might seem insignificant at first, but actually plays a massive role in understanding what the Bible actually is and, as a result, how we approach interpreting it. That idea is this: The Bible is not a book; it is a library. In this episode I’ll unpack the significance of this simple statement. I hope you find it helpful!

Also, I could use your help. My book, “Bible Stories for Grown-Ups,” released three weeks ago, and thanks to all of you who have bought it, it’s doing really well (it’s the #1 New Release in Adult Education, and in the Top 10 Bestsellers!).

So, first, THANK YOU!!!

Here’s ASK #1: Would you share a review of the book on Amazon? It can be as simple as rating it and sharing a short sentence or two about why you found BSFGU helpful.

ASK #2: Consider posting about BSFGU on your socials and tagging me in the post. You can find all my socials here: Linktree. If you follow me, let me know you are a subscriber and I will follow you back. You can also use the hashtag #BibleStoriesForGrownUpsBook.

Both/either of these would be so very helpful in getting the book into the hands of people who need it.

Okay friends, that’s all for now.

Have a great weekend!



Re:Imagining Faith
Re:Imagining Faith
Writer and Pastor Josh Scott hosts a conversation about reimagining, reframing, and reclaiming Christian faith through a Progressive lens.
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