The Rhythm

The Content You Can Expect Each Week

Hi friends!

One of the hardest parts of creating content is finding and maintaining a rhythm. Coming up with a weekly routine allows me to know what I am committing to create, and it lets you know what to expect each week. After all, I hope you’ll not only read, but also share, the content you find meaningful. Without further ado, here’s what you can expect each week from RE : Progressive Christianity -

Mondays - “The Morning After” - On Monday mornings I’ll share my sermon notes from the day before.

Wednesdays - “What is Progressive Christianity?” - On Wednesdays I’ll post some original content that helps bring some clarity to the question, “What is Progressive Christianity?” What are the distinctives / values / concepts that are core to a Progressive Christian lens? We’ll explore that and more each week.

Fridays - “Free-for-All Fridays” - On Fridays I’ll respond to your questions and curiosities. You can ask a question by emailing

There you have it, our rhythm for content each week. Some weeks there may be more, but each week you can expect something new and (I hope) helpful on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’d also love for you to respond to posts with whatever comments, insights, or questions you have, and feel free to share them if you find them to be meaningful.

Have a great Sunday!