Free-for-All Friday

Help Shape Our Friday Content

One of the things about my work that I love the most is helping people engage their faith in fresh and life-giving ways. One of the ways that happens is by listening to the questions and curiosities that people have, and trying to offer a response that is meaningful. With that in mind, on Fridays I want to start a weekly feature called, “Free-for-All Fridays.” The idea is super simple: You send in your questions and curiosities about faith, the Bible, current events, you name it (it’s a free-for-all!), and I will seek to offer a helpful response / perspective that comes from a Progressive Christian lens.

So, do you have a nagging question? Are you curious about something that just won’t stop knocking around in your brain? Are you struggling with a text or idea about which you’d like to have another perspective? I sure hope so, because “Free-for-All Fridays” won’t really be a free-for-all without your input. :)

If you’d like to submit a question you can do so by sending an email to

I can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking about!